Turn your gold into money.Signet and Wedding band Gold Rings Only.



Turn your gold into money send products to ‘OFFICE ONE 1 COLDBATH SQUARE FARRINGDON LONDON EC1R 5HL

Initially I am only a small business and only intake 25 applications at the most each month. I do not wish to go bigger than this amount at the moment Although will handle more purchases if it becomes necessary . This offers a personal touch to your application and it will be monitored by myself. All payments will be made with PayPal which also offers customers protection. I only ‘WANT’ for certain gold…either ‘Signet rings’ or ‘Wedding bands.’

Each arrangement will be agreed by both parties and before arrangement is made to go ahead with the deal postal arrangement can be made.

Once agreed arrangement has been made and gold that has been sent to me, and these are checked by myself to be genuine gold products and weighed. An arrangement will be made with the customer for amount in payment…should this be agreed a deal will be made and payment sent co PayPal.If amount not accepted products will be posted back to you recorded delivery.

Better days are ahead of you if you do decide to part with your gold that you have bits laying around in your drawers and jewellery boxes for whatever reason you wish to part with them … to make cash then you’ve come to the right place .

I promise to give you a good price based on using the ‘bullion by post’ prices, and below is an example.                                                                                                                            These are changeable each day and will be checked to the day for current prices.

9ct £16.39
14ct £25.48
18ct £32.78
22ct £40.07
24ct £43.71


bullion by post … Bear in mind if you sell through’ bullion by post’ there will be reductions but through me I will pay set price per gram.

Each day I look up prices and will let you know the amount I can pay you per gram on the day.

You can send your gold to me by recorded delivery.To ‘OFFICE ONE 1 COLDBATH SQUARE FARRINGDON LONDON EC1R 5HL

I do ask you to state what is inside and complete a form of basic details for contact. So I know whose product is on the way to me and your contact details .

Please send details of your name, address and email to me and you can also include a what’s app phone number if you have one.OR

( Please copy and paste and sent to my email ) = antheacharles220@gmail.com





( Please copy and paste and sent to my email ) = antheacharles220@gmail.com



Address details of where products will be mailed to : Anthea Charles at ‘OFFICE ONE 1 COLDBATH SQUARE FARRINGDON LONDON EC1R 5HL  and What app detail 07745787105 Anthea 

All customers must contact me by using contact to my what’s app.

Phone number (what’s app 07745787105) name Anthea Charles. This can also be useful should you need to exchange details of products by photo’s to me .

Email me :antheachares220@gmail.com


Because my business is run manually by myself I hope to conclude a payment within  7 days or should product get to me as arranged, before this.

Also, should we reach mutual arrangement and conclude a deal. Payments will only be made by PayPal…which you do not need a pay pal account but just be able to let me have an email detail so money can be sent to you by pay pal. This is my arrangement in all deals and purchases.

Thank you, Anthea Charles Please also note I can be contacted co my Sp hock account and also only for Signet and wedding band rings .




2 thoughts on “Turn your gold into money.Signet and Wedding band Gold Rings Only.”

  1. This is a great way to get money for the gold that is just laying around in your jewelry box. The things you do not wear, we were not aware of the price for the gold though. Wow, we can say this would be lots of money depending on the carat-gold or the weight of the gold.
    We have learned a lot from this article and would like to share this with others and let them know what they can get.


    1. Hi there thank you so much its just a continuous part of my product really as i have always wanted to do it and collect gold .Usually i buy and resell and also solid silver .Sorry have yet to add attachment for sharing links will get there eventually .Thank you Anthea xx

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I had been very worried about starting this business up ! My worry being I had thoughts of not collecting gold to my home as a woman I didn’t like