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Although this site is primary for buying gold from customers I have also thought to add a lovely 9 carat gold the hope you love it as much as me and that while going through the pages or some of them on site you may be tempted.

It will be a heartfelt product which I think would be able to be kept for as long as you look after it

See it now and then grab it treats yourself of just ordinary buy but make sure you think it is special as I love the thought of the sentiment around this purchase. It’s not just another product but something that you will class as special or not just ‘bought’. Saying this it does not mean it has to be over costly but practical and beauty beats them all.

It spares you all the anxiety if someone else like myself has sourced for a product that genuinely looks becoming and can be accepted as special to yourself…it creates trust in a knowing that you are not alone if also bought by others who love it too.

Instead of me saying please buy the product you will see it straightaway as something you like and able to afford and keep you well in good stead ! It is like being given a gesture of a gift that should , always be embraced !

As life has its ups and downs what I do sometimes is buy myself some fresh flowers and place them in a room so I can admire them. The aroma of those flowers and the nature base subdue me and I then have granted myself a gesture a gift to myself. I do this as life has many ups and downs not money but occurring things that could present themselves to me and uncertainty and one thing I know for certain is that I have the control of blessing day -so grant yourself a gift too !

Carissima Gold Women’s 9 ct Yellow Gold Hollow 2 mm Figaro Chain T-Bar Bracelet of Length 19 cm/7.5 Inch

Jewelry Information

Brand Name Carissima Gold
Metal Stamp 9 ct (375)
Metal 9ct Yellow Gold
Material Type Yellow Gold
Gem Type Plain
Minimum Total Gem Weight 0.06 carats
Width 2 millimeters
Length 19 centimeters
Chain Figaro
Total Metal Weight


Model 1.27.1932

I have to describe this bracelet as dainty and crafted from Italy I have offered it to you in line with amazon associates account .. I do love it genuinely and hope you do too.

Any questions please leave comments below and please observe that the article has reviews before buying on the amazon page. Also, you may contact me email is



4 thoughts on “Something Special !!”

  1. Christina says:

    Absolutely love the design on this, simple yet elegant. A nice addition without taking away from the rest of the main outfit. I do not own any gold… nor the money to spend on it! But I do admire well-crafted jewelry as it is truly an art form unto itself. I think a similar design as a necklace would be nice and a great complement for this piece.

    1. yes it’s lovely to obtain pieces of gold although i have a love for silver more so too.I reckon the chains are also nice .I have had them in sterling silver in both and they are usually purchased very fast.I hope this one is nice too the difference with this page is it is a gesture with an associate link,although still nice,I love to buy products myself and this is a touch bit different .thank you once again for your support and reading my page Anthea xx

  2. Sariyah says:

    I’m not a big fan of gold however I do know a few people who absolutely go crazy over anything gold! 

    This bracelet does seem like a nice gift for the gold lovers but I haven’t yet looked at the prices. I’m not too sure how they would compare against other similar 9 carat gold jewellery so I would need to maybe check back in, after a little research and see if anyone I know would want to take a look!

    Thanks for the offer!

    1. anthea charles says:

      its just been put on not able to order presently but later hopeful will be back on and selling …gold prices vary and some sell 0.01 gram for hundreds depending  i use bullion by post to check prices but in this case as it is a traded product and retail on amazon it’s price will also vary to size gage.Thank you for your interest and support .

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