‘Sell your Gold jewellery’ for cash



Sell your Gold ‘jewellery’ for cash after arrangement send to    ‘OFFICE ONE 1 COLDBATH SQUARE FARRINGDON LONDON EC1R 5HL

In today’s day with all the commotion of everyday life. Some people are forced to sell their Gold jewellery. Sometimes jewellery they have had for years inherited, or purchased years prior.

I have been around years and done plenty of selling and been a sole trader. I have my own ambitions to purchase as much gold for future investment, working privately with each client /person who approaches me. Using ‘Bullion by post’ to access the price of gold each day and how much I am prepared to pay for a gram in gold.Identity bracelet

Also, with ‘bullion by post’ my clients will also have access to creating investments for themselves too bullionbypost.(Referral Code 470G90D6) Should you sell me anything of gold you can also join ‘bullion by post’ and start investing for your future too.

There are exciting things such as Sovereigns

This is a chart from UK of gold hallmarks

This chart will help you determinate the hallmark and type of gold you have to sell, as the chart says 9 carats =375,14carat=565,18carat=750 and so on…

What the seller and the purchaser need to establish is

1/ Quantity and weight of gold amount you wish to sell…by using scales

2/The level of gold e.g if 9 carats that means there is 375 per cent of gold in product you wish to sell and the remainder is some kind of metal (this is usual but it is still class as gold and is gold)

3/The price you can be paid per gram.(for this I use bullionbypost to check the gold daily prices)

4/seller given details of amount of money they can receive per product per gram and the total they will receive should they wish to continue with the sale.

5/Agreement between the seller and buyer of the quantity of grams and amount they will receive ‘which is a deal ‘being made to go forward with the sale.

6/A responsible way of sending gold to the buyer, and address and proven method to make payment to the seller. I use PayPal only as this is guaranteed if something should not go right both parties are protected.

For this all one needs is an email address for payment to be made to them.

Always posting ‘recorded delivery’. to   ‘OFFICE ONE 1 COLDBATH SQUARE FARRINGDON LONDON EC1R 5HL

7/All products which are to be sold sent ‘recorded delivery ‘and ‘insured’ when posting to purchaser and ‘insured’ should it have to be returned for any reason.

Date today is 26/102020 and the gold prices for scrap is at e.g (this is a genuine price guide from Bullionbypost)

Fineness Up to per gram Up to per ounce
9ct £16.74 £520.67 Sell 9ct
14ct £26.02 £809.31 Sell 14ct
18ct £33.48 £1041.34 Sell 18ct
22ct £40.92 £1272.75 Sell 22ct
24ct £44.64 £1388.46

(Nb for myself when editing still have to add a contact application form )…..I would like to thank you for reading my page and hope it has been helpful to you should you be thinking of selling some gold. If you need future support I can be contacted Email:antheacharles220@gmail.com





2 thoughts on “‘Sell your Gold jewellery’ for cash”

  1. Misael H says:

    With the depreciation of the dollar, I think what you do is absolutely BRILLIANT! I have never seen someone so smart to laterally buy gold for cash. Of course, if you don’t reside in the US this still applies to you because most fiat currencies are losing their value. Thank you so much for this great article and for being so concise

    1. well its a good investment over the years more so and the price is fantastic some selling just tiny bits for hundreds but i do take your point about the ups and owns of it too…thank you once again for reading my page and for your support.Anthea xx

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