Rose gold jewelry



Rose Gold Jewelry

Do you like Rose gold?

Can you tell the difference from the ordinary yellow gold?


These are sometimes sourced for and plenty prefer rather than buying just yellow gold, not by all but I have known some who only wear Rose gold.

The make-up of Rose gold why is it that col our

Have used the Wikipedia to describe rose gold this time as it will give you a better insight. Although from reading around and only from google it does not it to start from 1900 and by Faberge eggs way before my time and a lot of us. But generous maybe you may have heard of the eggs Faberge I have.

As well as describing the Rose gold this is helpful to also let us know the make up of also other golds White gold etc…

It is also stated that it also had inclined makers Cartier making their designs in rose gold hence priced as for makers name.

Not surprisingly it has also become fashionable in that modern types are also made and also they are many of the older items still around which can be obtained through bidding auctions.

I also have my own concept although they mention in google that the rose gold originated through Russian detail. I have a concept that may not be right but still my concept. Where the Rose evolved from and the detail behind it as one can see the Rose also around plenty Celtic originates. This is just my concept and although I find if I read

Wikipedia I also

Do not take all they say as the ‘be all’ and ‘end al’l as you will be limited as I can see the Rose concept evolving around and not only with this subject around many regions. Sometime the Wikipedia to me only shows what they want people to believe and therefore limits one’s knowledge base.

Also, I find in history sometimes things are shown only how one wants you to see them so to always claim with an aim but many things were invented and cannot be seen…be it that the wealth line had made this example pro.

I will include a few pictures so you get an idea of the product Gage and hopeful as I love to see jewelry. I am not too much a lover of Rose gold but not a dislike either I am impartial.

Saying that don’t let it turn you off my page you may love them so here are some pictures- see below. Bear in mind there are everyday wear items available from Pandora and other modern brands which can be obtained or you may source google them if you do wish to get something for yourself in Rose gold.

Please leave comments and please check out more Rose gold by using google or e bay have many and if you wish to contact me I can be contacted through email



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