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My products page  

Yes I have started off to get a hold of more gold, but have now decided to also add a products page So… if you see something you love to have please do buy it and enjoy it !

it is my usual business page which is an eBay account and is going well with many feed backs please take a look. It is very easy to manage and I use pay pal for payment which is protection for all your purchases. Products are shipped to you recorded delivery and all package bubble wrapped and sign for at your end when they arrive to you.

I have also expanded and started a google business page and a sphock business page the sphock one is for gold only & Amazon associates page for gold

I am steadily growing try to put new products on each day, and one thing about my business although prices are good I also allow sensible offers if you see something you love or like.

Products are vintage and modern and if some are antique also possible one or 2 may be costume but I aim mainly for gold and silver products. Buy products to resell and that means plenty are secondhand and I pride myself by checking each one and sanitizing or cloth wiping. Some even go through ‘my mother’s ‘way of telling me to put old silver in vinegar and then soap wash and rinse to bring back the sparkle and pat with soft tissue or cotton wool to dry. But if you do want them cleaner you can purchase some ‘silver cleaning fluids’ and use this on top. I love my way because when clean they still maintain the vintage look and this is what I love about them. Oh and don’t forget to leave them to dry on some tissue after drying each one individually

Each and every product I source for and genuinely love if I find one that needs help I write need TLC this means ‘tender love and care’ so should you purchase its still a lovely product but may need your support in some way to retain a wearable look. These go so well as sometimes it is something silly like link needing reattaching or just needing a lobster closure, but there could be several reasons I write TLC and then explain on page in item description.

I’ve only just done some vinegar wash soap wash warm and cold water rinse then pat dry and then dried each one individually and place on dry tissue to air they came out lovely see my pictures below.

 leave my email should you wish to chat me : thank you for reading my page and please leave any comments down below ..



6 thoughts on “my products page”

  1. Tina says:

    A really good site that I have stumbled on! You can see that you are passionate about doing this which makes it more nice to use your services.

    i like how you have also given us a way to restore our jewellery. I will be ‘polishing’ some of mine up using your method.

    Thank you for this 🙂

    1. anthea charles says:

      hi there thank you for caring enough to share with me .Yes its a gorgeous way of loving your product and giving it a nice new look revitalising also if that isn’t enough there is a cloth called ‘Goddard’s’ that is not too expensive to buy and can be bought on e bay…but saying that i just always stick to my method…so far so good with plenty great feedback on products its a simple way …Thank once again Anthea xx

  2. Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. In the corona era, the government has been printing a lof of money and is going to print a lot more. There is going to have big inflation in the years to come. It is good idea to buy some gold and silver to preserve your cash value. In your article, you provide a lot of tips on how to buy and keep the gold and silver. I am going to buy some gold and silver also.

    1. anthea charles says:

      its more an introduction page to my sites but you can google if you need advice on buying gold thank you for reading and hope you get to do just that buy gold as an investment nothing will deter gold and whatever situations occur if you keep hold of it it will stand its durance thank you good luck with your purchases.

  3. Nyny says:

    Hello! Excellent site on gold. I have sold pieces in the past, but that was many years ago. It is nice to know that there are others out there interested in buying the metal and jewelry. The pieces I sold were 22 karats. I know I didn’t get as much as I should have for them because I sold them to a friend. Local jewelry stores also don’t always offer the amount I would think made sense. Now that I know this site exists, I will be checking it out. I have pieces sitting in the same place for years because they are so delicate I fear wearing them they may fall off. It is nice to know how to repair them to wearable condition. Still, I may decide to sell them. I also have some real silver pieces – 925.

    Finding your site is of great value to me, so I will take some time to take a look to see if we can connect on what I have for sale and to check out what you are selling. I will be back soon!

    1. hello there pleased you were able to get some satisfaction from reading my page and hope to hear from you should you decided to sell your gold best to whats app me its on my page and text me or send me pictures of what you have bearing in mind i only do business in the uk ..i am pleased to hear from you and thank you for all support Anthea xx

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