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Making a charm bracelet is not too tricky as one can easily buy charms nowadays modern one’s and a bracelet to dangle them from. I thought I would use charm products although in this company one has to buy over £100 plus VAT to be able to purchase.

So wise to say if you’re wanting to make some and just simply put them together for either reselling purposes or for personal use it would be wise to purchase quite a few.

I love the vintage charms worth a lot in the art world and of course can cost all types of retail amounts..usually saved and have detail to adore. Its nice as to have the wheels moving on a bicycle and other parts hands and movable parts is very nice when you do get vintage types with the heart padlocks and sometimes made in Birmingham hallmarked with the anchor.

With a more modern version I will include picture of some charms available from and some bracelet types and have also included a video which can assist your although please note with the jewellery-world product these are simpler to create into a bracelet and the video type not hard but varied in charm types and approach

These can be bought are from there is plenty of variety of charms on page and various types of sterling silver bracelets. The video is at the head of the page also showing your a way to make charm bracelets hope your enjoy watching this video from your tube.

Finding the charm bracelet you wish to make there are some variety with different charms all way round, or the same type all way round.alternating types or you can see which types you find you can create it’s entirely up to you-but try to enjoy and keep creating it is a great self motivation and sometimes help to transform one’s life.

How to Make a Simple Charm Bracelet – YouTube

So once again i leave my email detail should you wish to contact me and if you enjoy watching the video or having a browse through the jewellery-world shop and wish to leave comments please do its



12 thoughts on “Making your own charm bracelet”

  1. Lily says:

    Charm bracelets are so gorgeous and really easy to make. They seem to go in and out of fashion over the years but it’s also a lovely way to hand on your memories when you die. I have a charm bracelet that I created when I travelled around Europe and England when I was a girl. Every town that I went to I bought a little gold charm and they were really sweet and sometimes quite expensive. 

    By the time I arrived home 3 months later I had a full charm bracelet all gold.

    1. Oh thats a nice thing i haven’t ever seen the gold ones of countries only the silver.So this is nice to hear .I love the sentiment of them they are really sought after now especially the vintage types and the gold charms and bracelets…bit expensive too the gold ones.Had one as a youngster but pawned it silly me it would have been worth more now.Thank you for your support in reading my pages ..All the best to you and keep well Anthea xx

  2. Charity says:

    Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article making your own charm bracelet sounds really exciting. For once I haven’t made my own bracelet before, have always bought. But reading about this article makes it easy to make my own lucky charm bracelet. I’ll definitely try this out

    1. anthea charles says:

      thank you for calling it awesome thank you .i reckon i am trying and hope it helps people to start also making their own things as its a lovely art .Also the details are simple to follow thank you Anthea xx

  3. UncleBolt says:

    Many people are very talented and some are given the sound mind of crafts, it can be really interesting to be able to make different things in your own, making charm bracelets so Gina be really interesting and it is good that you’ve shared about it, this will be very helpful and also a god guide.

    1. anthea charles says:

      hi there yes my name is Anthea i thought how beautiful as a youngster my mother took 14 years to save each charm on a lovely sterling silver vintage bracelet i had and also bought me a gorgeous one in gold.This has always stuck with me and i think they are good luck genuinely so thank you for your comment and support Anthea xx

  4. Aug says:

    This is a very good piece of information that you have written here on your site and I see that you know sso well about the bracelet and also about how to be able to make it by oneself. That’s very good at this time and I would try to share this with my friends who might be interested in stuff like this.

    1. anthea charles says:

      this is very interesting yes and not too complicated to follow so yes your pals could do one if they wanted to so thank you fr sharing it with them and thank you for your support in reading it Anthea xx

  5. TheMarketingLord says:

    This is a very awesome piece of content and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this because I was looking for something like this and could not find it anywhere described as well as here. Thank you for providing us with this great content and wish you all the best. I will continue to browse through your site to find more interesting things and to learn something new.

    1. anthea charles says:

      yes these are lovely things charm bracelets and i use to love collecting the vintage charms …thank you for your positive support once again and good luck to you xx

  6. IntrovertedBarry says:

    Even as a man, I have always had an affinity for charm bracelets. I even went so far as to open a store on Shopify and then transitioned it to where I sold the bracelets directly from my own website for a few years. I never went through the process of creating the charm bracelets on my own. I can only imagine how much fun that would have been and the unique items I would have created. Who knows, maybe that is an interest I may resume sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing this post. I will continue to browse through your site as I already see a wealth of information available.

    1. anthea charles says:

      Thats great to meet you and to know you had something to do with charm bracelets and also did business too.I love to hear this so i don’t feel all alone.Yes i love the vintage older charms a lovely art .Thank you for reading and for your support xx

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