Making all gold count



Making all gold count

It has been a while now and i have had a few inquiries and that and started the sphock page and this business

We have all had to deal with the C19 and the gold price drop per gram…but it is now slowly going back up !

It has been one of those things but i still claim it is a good thing to invest in gold with my next journey bringing me to start Trays of Gold rings sales and also look into Bullion by post to grow with my investments possible shares not certain yet or something..still reading !

i still feel good energies with the sterling silver solid silver and gold buying and its great. Loads is selling well and so i am still pleased with my results. This is from my E bay account and a few on sphock …the new sphock gold account helped me start off with a few good reviews from purchases.

It seems like going round in circles till i started realizing it is growing and especially my contact with customers. Beginning to notice regulars and also love the new customers.

Below is my sterling silver lot

…. I will be doing gold tray lots like this but first only using rings. So they will not include bracelets or pendants initially.

My rings presently are retailed in ‘one’s items’ so to have them in lots with good intention to improve my sales and the frequency of doing them regularly will improve things for me. Also, people can use them to buy to resell which will be helpful to customers.

Although bidding drives ‘me up the wall’ i may put them on with a starting price and then put them on Auction or put them on as a Buy it now i haven’t decided yet. The prolonged waiting seems silly but i suppose i will decide at the end. Initially i have just started to bring rings in for ‘only the tray creation ‘. It will be decided later but i am more for the ‘Buy it now’ option with allowance of accepting offers which i can either accept or decline.

These will be on my business page in e bay and you can take a look from the link attached. I have included it this way and not direct to my e bay page this time as there is quantity and mini blogs and blogs you may be encouraged to read.

So this blog is an update and just to let you know that i am getting on and how i am growing a bit with sales and improved communication with my customers

Am still waiting for genuine contact for buying gold and if you do have any you wish to get rid of please do contact me my email is

Also please bear in mind that products would have to be posted to me recorded delivery and to this address but only after arrangement with me



Please contact me before all payments when arrangement proceeded will be by pay pal only

Thank you, Anthea xx



6 thoughts on “Making all gold count”

  1. Alblue says:

    Thanks for the information. I have some physical jewelry and gold that I would like to liquidate since the price for these past few months doesn’t seem so good. Do you think it’s still a lucrative investment for this year? The pandemic really makes every investment become uncertain, or so I hear.

    1. No worry the gold it self hasn’t changed so it is always a good investment to buy .Bear in mind situation sometimes cause it to look like it has changed but gold is unchanged really.Look to Bullion by post to read more about gold if you would like to know more thank you Anthea xx

  2. Lily says:

    It looks like you are going well with your plans to buy and sell gold. It looks a bit like a roller coaster ride from outside but of course, now the price of gold is going back up and that is exciting for you. So are you going to be selling rings in trays not individually? That could really be fun.

    1. yes what a journey its lovely and nice to hear from you again.Its ok its giving me more self confidence to keep them and not have to rush to sell All the best Anthea xx

  3. Sergej says:

    Hi @ Anthea,

    I don’t know how I stumbled to your website. I am glad I did! I’ve been doing Affiliate sites and am kinda not doing that well with them. Your business model seems lucrative and would love to learn more about your venture. Any pointing guides to how we can venture into this precious stones business. Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you for this great article. I will definitely share your article with my friends!

    All the best,


    1. hi be more specific when doing stones .I have a love for them but don’t journey through selling them in this way.I love them or stones for healing.If i do get precious stones some people would price to that event but its an art and so i merely journey usually to the feel and the process of who it will please.In my life i dont really think of money but application and how one can improve in application.If i do give advice i would have to have a specimode as i have been trained by the best so don’t just generalise…thank you for your support.You can make it in whatever you do but apply in compassion & nbsp;.And know you will have to put energy in and work to that Anthea xx

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