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We wear gold some of us don’t know all the work that goes into bringing it to us.

I know we love to have it and try to get different styles of it and gift it to others but I thought it would be nice to show you a video so you can see how it is made Some actually hoard it and keep it so it goes into inheritance and there are long lengths of purposes that people want gold for.

Then there is the purpose after bringing it to a gold bar and that can also be plenty of reasons and therefore the art of beauty may be one of the purposes and prestige. Saying this I have also added a video that helps you learn how the gold is made into a jewelry product to the shop level. I have been quite surprised myself to see the amount of work that goes into it manually as well as using machines. It has been educative and therefore I wanted to share this experience.

This is also a video based on gold ‘making a ring‘and if you would be interested in other jewelry making or workshops I have attached this link. This can be found on the making a ring video but I thought to still add it here. It is plenty in that it is helpful to assist you should you wish to start or you already make products .

I have decided to also let you know that there are plenty of courses by ‘Bobbie white’ on making jewelry whether it is in gold or silver. This is a video of him showing you his personal collection. If you want just go to you tube and plug in his name and jewelry making in the search you should see a few videos .

Can you also imagine designing a ‘Bobbie white’ diamond engagement ring this video affords you just that generosity should you want something special than most and you have the patience and diligence to follow it through to create.

Plenty going on this page plenty would have shot me by now but I just thought even if you don’t want to all of them and you do want to learn a bit about gold this page will help. I have been so pleased to find ‘Bobbie white’ products possibly you knew about them before especially the diamond in the hat thing ! All in all please watch his video its lovely..thank you for reading and watching videos page and should you wish leave comments below and or I can be contacted on



4 thoughts on “how gold is made / into jewellery”

  1. Christina says:

    This is so cool! I love seeing how things are made. When he was making the gold ring, I wondered what he was doing with the tool that was making scratch patterns on the surface. Looked like he was just ruining the ring! But the end product came out so much more gorgeous than I was expecting, I was shocked. Absolutely incredibly, that man is clearly a master at his craft!

    1. anthea charles says:

      Yes i thought to see a video like this would be interesting especially when we always buy gold and get it ready made its a lovely craft and he cannot be faulted you are right ..i think these things cant be done by anyone but nice to know they are special people who can make things…thank you for your support in reading and watching the video xx

  2. Cogito says:

    Hi Anthea. Very interesting post. I love gold jewellery and my family and friends know that is always ideal present for me. Also this is great investments as gold is getting more and more expensive. And in current, unsure times there are no chances to loos when buying gold. Looking forward to look through your jewellery, I already seeing there real beauties.

    1. anthea charles says:

      thank you for reading my post it did have some video’s in it and i especially liked the one with special collection of Bobbie white i am pleased you love gold jewellery and show an interest in looking at my products thank you for your support Anthea xx

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