Here we go loupe lou !!



The Jeweler’s Loupe

A Very necessary gadget which you definitely need to’s a must. Especially if you are in the habit of getting jewellery products.

Why ?

The need for this is vital say if you wish to visually inspect hallmarks, check visually types of stones, diamonds, condition of the jewellery piece and the quality. You’re checking the condition of the stones if there are any scratches and if there are dings in the gold band and if there are cracks of chunks out of the stones.

Please if you yourself can this of other reasons you could use one of these please do let me know as I don’t think I have exhausted the list !

The one I wish to tell you about is the Triplet 30x-21mm loupe :


Material: metal, glass

Folded size: 42x25x18mm

Unfolded size: 60x25x18mm

Magnification: 30X

Quantity : 1 piece

Package list:

1X fold-able magnifier in protection case


Pocket size: It is very convenient and easy to carry and you can use it anywhere.

Function: Ideal for watch making, jewellers, medical science, Geography, gardening, education and more.

Fold-able: Easy to pull out or put it back when not in use, making it save space.

High quality: It is made from high quality metal and glass, high durability.

So here we have it’s a product I use continuously even with products to sometimes check if gold tome costume jewellery is real good and as I am always buying and selling I think it is very handy good to possess one or more of them.

Please always engage in looking around as they are different types with different magnifying levels … I tend to still get this one and would also buy another or as many as possible as I like to build and have loupe around me, and this is just me not trying to over encourage purchase just letting you know I actually love the article and the compact container it comes in genuinely. I use it when I go car boot sales too if looking at a jeweler piece it’s a handy product.



Thank you for reading my article I hope it helped support you if you do get a hold of some bits of jewelry and which to check their genuinely and the quality and condition thank you contact if you need further support.




4 thoughts on “Here we go loupe lou !!”

  1. Jerry McCoy says:

    I had wondered how to get a loupe. My wife handcrafts jewelry and this will be perfect for her. You pointed out that there are  different magnifications. That will be handy for my wife since some of what she does is very tiny. This will give her the opportunity to not only check the quality of the gemstones and precious metals that she works with but also her handiwork which is very delicate. If anyone is interested in the quality of the gemstones or the precious metal they are working with they should have a loupe.


    1. anthea charles says:

      its great you’re wife has a delicate art and its beautiful to be creative .I thank you for reading my page and what i find lovely about the loupe is that it is pocket holdable and cheap and very easy to use and a definite must ..thank you once again Anthea xx

  2. Oviss says:

    Hello Charles, Thanks for this opportunity and how great the effort you put on composing this article. I haven’t heard about The Jewelry’s loupe before but This device is an actual must have. I will do anything in my power to convince my family to join us and get really nice Jewelry. I hope on seeing more of this great store very often. Thanks once again. 

    1. anthea charles says:

      yes the loupe is a very handy thing to have and can be carried easily i love it and use it regularly .I thank you for your honesty as to having not heard of one before and am pleased the detail in my page has been helpful.thank you for your kind comments and support.Anthea xx

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