happy new year



What more can we ask for but a gorgeous new year with a hopeful feeling of good health and healing in the air

Oh I do hope I am not chatting to myself and others are with it and bringing themselves into doing positive things with the world going into w new phase Br- exit thing it should be fantastic and helpful. What it will mean I don not know but I just feel good which isn’t a bad sign-so here goes onto the new year !

I have also started a business page now on SPHOCK so now I have a personal and business account, just to encourage buying gold and selling of gold products too.

Just added it above so take a look if you like and if you do have products or odd bits of gold you wish to sell or get rid of please contact me ..its on what’s app 07745787105 and my emails antheacharles220@gmail.com or jewellery@goldandsilveranthea6175.com

You can chat with me on SPHOCK page and through my website too I -buy-gold.com to make your applications if you have any gold you want rid of as scrap.

Helpful for this year if you need extra funds just to start off your year

Get onto me and your products can be sent to :

This is a new address I have where I can receive products and they will be sent on to me…so before sending please make arrangement with me to record the delivery. Also, as and after checking all products to be genuine Real gold and the level of gold payment will be made to you after agreement of amount through pay pal. Also, if we don’t go through with deal product will also be returned to you.

Just a last gesture in for you for the new year

You will be blessed to succeed when you join Wealthy affiliates you cannot go wrong loads of support and courses easy with you getting stage by stage step by step video and application you will have to do to help you create your business..you cant lose with or without experience and its nice in here. It gives and allows you to look into it for few days before you make your decision should you chose to join …thank you, Anthea XX

Email:antheacharles220@gmail.com should you need to chat with me



4 thoughts on “happy new year”

  1. Kavinah says:

    Hi Anthea

    You’ve got an interesting website, buying gold. I never thought I’ll ever see this online but with the world we live in now, this is the way to go.

    How do you access the gold if the person is not able to travel down to you especially in these times of continuous lockdown?

    If goods are sent to you, does it need to be insured before sending and returned if there’s no agreement on price?

    Oh ok, I see you an be reached on whatspp.

    1. anthea charles says:

      yes all payments are made with pay pal so all including myself are protected each purchase will be recorded delivery i had thought i should do an additional insurance but this can be arranged at post office …yes it is an interesting and not recent find for me as been selling items for years .What is new is the buying of gold .Any request come t to me and are dealt with by myself.. thank you for your support in reading.Each approach will be dealt with individually as i do not want to get stressed and will know who i am dealing with.aLand also as i have a record with working this way as i don’t want to neglect anything. To begin with i only accept 10 deals a month or less.Thank you Anthea xx

  2. Sylvia says:

    Hi Anthea! You have a beautiful site. I did visit your business page, and there are beautiful pieces of jewelry. I have some gold bracelets and watches and think about selling them. But first, I would like to know what their value is. So I am pleased to have come across your website. I think I am going to call you next week so that we can talk about my pieces. 

    Thank you for your New Year’s wishes! I wish you a Healthy, Happy New Year 2021!


    1. anthea charles says:

      hi there Sylvia so pleased you read it and contact would be great …i do use ‘bullion by post’ to access the price of gold on the day and will be able to let you know the value per gram  or to quantity …bear in mind if its an old product possible best to reach out c/o google to someone else that purchases old pieces.Thank you will listen out for you and hope to get your phone call…also if you have pictures of products can whats app them to me Thank you Anthea xx

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