Gold review



Gold review

Better than I thought but I think I will write about the make up of gold and the journey it is presently taking, its effects on the world and what is actually affecting Gold itself. Also, taking a look on when and how the Gold will improve in its state presently….although its substance is unchanged its commodity has altered because of the situation in the world and also c 19 has brought a change in value presently about 1.5 % down or sometimes a bit more than last year 2020 it had been £17 plus per gram now it is at £14 plus a gram.

I do use ‘Bullion by post’ to assist me with this review and will also check other formats.

This will help you to appreciate the changes occurring but please recall in all the substance of the gold itself is unchanged. I will also check other sources CLICK HERE Forbes .

With Gold, we can compare its journey to graph scale and then view the current and past events then envisage the progress. It is clear that because of c19 and the changes in closures and opening lock downs and the world situation it has affected the gold prices.

I have used Bullion by post to show a chart of the present day situation with gold

This is a way forward reading through bullion by post it will allow you an insight and to see different angles. Also, it also allows you to see the turmoil gold is also going through. I think however it is to improve eventually. With gold, it has a history of changes and the events happening in the world effect it. I think it is still a good investment and it is still being purchased in large quantity and customers are still enjoying buying for gifts or whatever other purposes.

I worry as because of the worlds’ situation whether the middle eastern effects and Saudi Arabia will also and Egypt will also take a toil on gold …saying all this it has maintained a recent slow improvement so is attempting to return to its level it had in 2020.

Of course gold differs in Gage in multiple of countries so to find out more you can google it and find out for yourself the situation if you are interested in gold other than being a customer of buying it but in a learning process.

*Buying shares can have its ups and downs and the index will show you how in multiple countries the changes may occur…sorry I can only say the situation as it is and that it is subject to change as always with gold and its situation as a commodity is diverse and so be careful if buying shares. If long term then it could be better if you don’t mine buying now and leaving them there so later they may go up again.

SO NOT TO VENTURE INTO TOO MUCH LOSS always best if you do go into shares to be aware that the changes don’t always bring your finances to go up but could also go down .

I hope that my page has helped to show you the changes that are occurring with gold and that it does not prevent you from looking further and that you enjoy engaging with click here ‘Forbes’ and click here ‘bullion by post’ which i have used to assist me to explain in more detail the ‘situation with gold’.

Thank you for further contact please contact me on

The consistency of the gold remains unchanged. See charts



2 thoughts on “Gold review”

  1. Geoff says:

    Thanks you for bringing us this information on the current situation with the gold market.

    Like any market, the gold market will fluctuate on an ongoing basis.  However, it is not a short-term investment in general.  There are a couple of different types of investor.  

    Those that are investing in gold because they like jewelry, or as presents for loved ones.  For them it is not so much about price, but beauty and the opportunity to show love.

    The other is the serious investor.  They will be buying because of price, whether to sell high or but when they think the price is low.

    Thanks for keeping us right.

    1. anthea charles says:

      Yes very interesting you mention for love and also the things with grant as gifts when we pass them on.I hadn’t mentioned it but yes its very important.I found it hard to write this review as the changes are always there as you said and i find it not like a product you just buy from amazon or a jewellers .But as you have stated it is always up and down…thank you for that Anthea xx

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