C19 and effects on business prices of gold



C19 and effects on business prices of gold

Although I have set up an address for gold articles of any kind to be sent to me and for customers to send me their gold.To


  1. This is an official address I have rented so gold can be posted to me there and they send it on to me.

    When you send me any gold products. There are a couple of things I would like to access first

    1) That your can contact me on what’s app 07745787105

    2) or contact me on my click here Sphock account using this email detail : jewellery@goldandsilveranthea6175.com .

    3) Either way when you contact me I’ll get back to your. With either your may send pictures of your products to me.

    I have managed my business like this so it has a more comfortable personal approach to it and though not as speedy as other businesses the payment for your products will be made to your using PayPal. This will offer your a more protected way throughout our business arrangement.

    I have done this so I can monitor who I am talking with and I only accept 10 business arrangements per month.

    I do buy and sell gold and silver products from my other business and have done for well over 20 years done business of some kind with jewelry products. But only ventured to start I-buy-gold.com as a separate business to purchase and sell gold from. The articles on click here I-buy-gold.com are click here Amazon associate products where I receive a small commissions when they sell. Also, I have included my click here goldandsilveranthea6175-eBay account.

    Although a new formed business I found the C19 had effected the price of gold going through the lock down and I did receive a couple of en queries, but those were deferred till the prices of gold go up more, which is happening right now as we are coming out of lock down.

    I had been pleased for the en queries but love to convert my deals so I did not get let down as nothing had been ventured into only queries were made.

    The account and business will remain open to approaches from customers who may need to create finances for themselves from selling their gold.

    I will use ‘Bullion by post’ prices at the scrap level but not make any reductions to the public and these will Beadle to be shown to the customer on the price available for the day or to time applied for.

    I hope this year 2021 will be eventful and I will wait for customers bear in mind all products must be mailed recorded delivery. These will be checked for genuine articles and weighed by myself and I will inform you how much I am able to pay when we agree a sale then we can go ahead with the deal. Payment to you on the same day. Paying by PayPal also allows an official receipt.

    So drastic effects took place on this business unlike my other one click here on eBay which actually went very well with good sales on gold silver and costume jewelry.

    So to conclude I am still bogging mini blogs out which make nice reading just to keep you updated and in the event you wish to sell me some gold.

    Contact me on email antheacharles220@gmail.com if you can also add comments below thank you, Anthea xx



2 thoughts on “C19 and effects on business prices of gold”

  1. Ann says:

    I like this personal approach. I don’t mind a bit more time if we can discuss everything with a personal approach. I have some golden rings that I certainly haven’t wanted to give up. But due to the present circumstances, I believe it’s the best choice. Your services have come at the right moment. Thank you!

    1. anthea charles says:

      if not sentimental yes why not cash them in when you want to though don’t be pushed…you can still enjoy having them .I am hopeful that my service will be helpful and thank you for your support and comment ,good luck to you anyway xx

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