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Paying cash for gold        (and gold products for sale-take a look and buy please)  

Please note gold products on this page include my amazon associate link where i receive a commission on purchases…
Send me gold products, if you have anything you want to get rid of and you find them just lying around or at bottom of the drawer. Or you just don’t use anymore or its just not right and you don’t enjoy having it anymore

There is room there to make extra cash and either turn your sale into a venture that can create cash to do something else it the money after selling your product to me.

Some may seem too old-fashioned to you because many people are selling gold and it is melted down to create new modern stuff. Some people go for this and so are continuity getting rid of their stuff and sometimes just buy a new up to modern date product they like with the cash they get from the sale.

I am interested in buying even broken gold bits 9 carat 18 carats any carat looked at. I have not over rushed my approach but deal with each seller customer as an individual and therefore would want contact with them myself to organise and arrangement of a deal and purchase.

However, I am not a pawnbroker system, I am just a sole trader and private business. I sell and buy gold and sterling silver and re-sell. Sourcing for products I know are mine to resell and these are usually and checked for quality and cleaned before selling. I have just recently started to also wean a modern product into my site…one not new to me as I had sold it for years in car boot sales so know the product sells. Just waiting for it to catch on the eBay…had about 8 products gone so far so this will grow. Also, just started this course of buying bold a project I dream about doing and so to not get bombarded I have chosen to carry a select few each and whenever they occur with genuine contact to me and protection that payments made using PayPal.

Approaching me to arrange a selling of your product

1/ Send me an email to:

2/Please state the product you have and you can Whats App me a picture to :Anthea Charles 07745787105

3/Once we have spoken and arranged packaging and postage recorded delivery I will be in contact once product received and I have checked its authentic gold, weight of product and other things which can occur..if any problems I can arrange return of your product to you e.g like if found not to be real gold

4/I will then chat again with you and let you know weight of product and the amount you can receive for it…if you are in agreement we can go ahead with deal and finances with be paid to you through PayPal.

5/This payment will also be your invoice receipt and will say exactly why I have made payment of funds to you.


Anthea Charles


Thank you for reading my page hopeful for helping anyone interested in selling their gold products to me and can be contacted c/o email



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