BIBS AND BOBS my jewelry lots



BIBS AND BOBS my jewelry lots

At the end of everything these are usually lots I make up of the odd bits left that I do not use retail individually.

The generosity of the bibs and bobs is that they just occur after me doing retail selling and car boot sales sphock sales e bay sales these are the ones I find left over and I place them into sterling silver lots costume jewelry lots or gold lots. These are filigree and all marked 925 for silver-here is a sterling silver lot below.

With these they are not having any problems if I put some on and they have bits missing or say a broken chain I usually write TLC for tender loving care requires, most are repairable and or need small adjustment or things added…some need nothing at all doing to can be given a wipe and resold or reused.

4 Filigree 925 silver brooches

I love the art of it and so each thing is embraced and still can become someone else treasure and made use of. The 9 carat gold is varied and sometimes I get odds and bobs left over so hence this lot which is available

Bibs and bobs of 9 carat gold ..

As you can see they are even odd closure links from chains necklace or bracelet and a case of a watch the dangling bits your guest is as good as mine what they are and came from.

What an art who knows what you may find .

Also, plenty people do love special offers so to get a lot priced reasonably and still having the section where customers can place offers on is good. Sensible offers though. Its lovely not desperate and still gives.

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When you go through here you will see plenty variety and choice and I am always adding more products. So don’t be shy to keep my contact details just in case you want to check the new products in.

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2 thoughts on “BIBS AND BOBS my jewelry lots”

  1. Jas says:

    Interesting article, I haven’t seen jewelry like this in a long time. It is great that there are an exchange and purchase of such interesting and rare items. Many will find themselves in this. I especially liked the earrings in the shape of leaves, it is beautifully made, I believe that it fits beautifully with an elegant dress. I wish you a lot of success in your work!

    1. Thank you for your kindness and yes they are lovely some vintage and some just revitalised and made to look vintage.Also filigree foreign silver and they are plenty of ways to see them.I love them because i love art and the swan brooch is the symbol for tranquility.Nice to obtain in ones life and yes .So please for your support and thank you for that success note thank you Anthea xx 

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