Additional gold products page and update



Additional gold products page and update

Well have moved forward yet with getting someone to sell me some gold but I am hopeful at least I still continue to buy privately and have had some correspondence from potential customers which is still something!

Saying this does not alarm me as gold prices are changing and bit down at moment and also they will go up later.saying ALL THIS I THOUGHT AS WELL AS HAVING MY EBAY PRODUCTS PAGE ON THIS BUSINESS ALSO PUT ON A FEW PAGES WHERE CUSTOMERS CAN purchase gold from me too.

Want it to help to bring potential customers and by all means take a good browse through my eBay pages of business too I do put new products on regularly. That part is going beautiful and I do get customers and returning customers.ON MY EBAY PAGE YOU CAN ALSO READ ALL MY FEEDBACK FOR CUSTOMERS

Be very happy when I get my first customer though as then I will know I am on my way buying from customer and that will be good I would love it .. I am a small business so can only do 10 buys purchases a month but at least I will have direct contact with all purchases and customers. As I love to chat !

You can find out more from page ‘send me your gold.’ If you have a read of this it will show you how simple it is and all payments are made using pay pal and protected. So please have read and if you have anything you want to sell get rid of in gold please get contact with me. Prices will be gagged to ‘bullion by post ‘prices ‘which are view able from attached detail.

With this bullion by post (link to check prices yourself of the gold )account you can also invest for yourself not only check the prices of gold. If you sell your gold through them however you will get reductions, whereas if and when you sell to me there are no reductions just scrap value on the day.

You can also start your own bullion by post account through me if you wish ..its helpful and there are plenty gold and silver products on there page and things for investment purposes…sovereigns and eagle coins loads take a look for yourself. Saying this all you need to do is add your email to the new customers detail .

Hope this page has been of help to you and that you enjoy reading my page which is to set up and additional gold selling page and an update of how things are going detail and also an assistance should you wish to invest yourself by using bullion by post account and setting one up for yourself .

Thank you please leave comments down below and also should you need support contact me on and if you are thinking of doing ans online business join Wealthy Affiliates or WA as we call it you can’t fail



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  1. TheMarketingLord says:

    Wow , really amazing article , just the things I was looking for.

    I can see you have put in a lot of work to write this and I respect that.

    Everything is on point and well put together.

    Thank you for providing us with this content which was very informative and useful.

     I wish you many great posts like this in the future .

    1. anthea charles says:

      thank you so much i do try and keep it simple and informative all the best and thank you for your support and for reading my article Anthea xx

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