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I had been very worried about starting this business up !

My worry being I had thoughts of not collecting gold to my home as a woman I didn’t like the in safety

I started the business after my other one which is called Goldandsilveranthea6175.com which I have been buying and selling for so many years. But have always wanted to buy gold as an investment .

My worry has also been not to get too complicated. So I will keep the purchase once made deals with customers simple!

I need to acknowledge their deals with me, have a place e.g address system and packaging arrangement in place, I will use PayPal for payments then just monitor some kind of insurance for products.

I think I am being courageous to try but as I have stated I have only the experience and virtue to stick to deals I make with my customer. The proof of payment through PayPal which also gives protection to customers and myself with purchases. Please make any initial en queries to antheacharles220@gmail.com



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