9 carat Amethyst rings



When one looks for special items, things one loves not necessarily for the money aspects of the item. But, more the feeling of sentiment it is essential they buy something..which id one lasting and think prior as to what this product will be.

I love Amethysts for instance and therefore I have created this page to let you see a couple of my Amethyst rings.

9 carat Amethyst rings

do love Amethyst and it comes from stem of tree so very natural, with most having the surrounding bark.

I love them for good luck and healing energy and therefore always either buy them in chunks.

When I used to practice as a healer I would keep some and rose quart and crystals but did change and dropped the ordinary crystal and still get the Amethyst and love rose quart… I didn’t like the crystal but became aware of the way they can be used. I worried about the fact that they could be used for passing messages and channeling thoughts so discontinued using them.

But today I would like to show you 2 Amethyst gold rings I have and 1 of with Diamond

When I acquired these they came from me purchasing a lot of 9 carat gold rings alike a bundle and I had been quite pleased with them although secondhand in reasonable condition so I placed them on eBay to resell.

The amethyst and diamond one is a lighter shade of purple and has accents of diamond either side of the Amethyst.click here to see my shop.

1/This is hallmarked and also has DIA on it for diamond.

2/Another Amethyst ring which is without diamonds and still a very lovely ring. This is a long lasted and solid type of 9 carat gold rings. I would suggest it can be worn for everyday use and be a gifted article. Also, it is hallmarked for 9 carat gold marked 375. Bear in mind also when buying there is so much variety and internationally type of products around. Also, Victorian and Edwardian types of secondhand products are sought after and I think look especially nice because they are older and have the character.

Many of my customers come to me to buy for private own purchases and many to buy to resell..also on April 20 per cents were return customers and this is growing or may have its ups and downs depending on what new products I put to sell. Growing business & please click here 80 per cents were new customers. I am pleased with this growing and keep updating my products, with many types as everyone has many tastes’ ans so the variety helps me and the customers.

I have not put a direct link to product on this page of the Amethysts in the hope to encourage you looking through click here please my business and also seeing other products. Please let me know if you love Amethyst and if you would wear it .

My email is antheacharles220@gmail.com if you wish to chat with me please do I will always respond thank you ..Anthea xx



2 thoughts on “9 carat Amethyst rings”

  1. Michael says:

    Nice stylish rings. I thought gold and amethyst a little strange but it looks like it works well, although the photos could have been clearer. 

    I had a look through your shop and there are some interesting items in there too. I am not sure of the pricing, but I know gold has rising in value.

    Nice work, although I found the black headings on the blue background a little hard to read. 

    1. anthea charles says:

      Thank you yes i keep trying to change the colours but each time it emits the comments so i will hope to change this later.My pricing is a little under the level of present pricing others pricing much higher but i am flexible thank you Anthea xx 

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