3 points when purchasing yellow gold jewellery


3 points when purchasing yellow gold jewelry
1)Awesome purity yellow gold jewelry
OK you go to purchase a gold product and love the look of your choice. The product seems good to you-bearing in mind you have just bought it from an on-line shop.someone would expect it to be OK, right!
Well the story goes like this you do like what you have bought and have an idea of the quantity of gold in your product and its quality levels…..YES or NO?
Here we go we are at the place to identify the level of gold actually in our product we have purchased…have a glance at the details below this will assist you to see what you are getting.
Carat/karat yellow Gold Purity: Amount alloy metal
9ct gold…………..375……………….625%
14ct gold…………..585……………..415%
18ct gold…………..750……………..250%
24 ct gold………….999.9……………0.1%
24 ct Gold Guess we must not worry as it serves its purpose to be helpful and also the product is therefore more durable and long-lasting the more alloy metal included. As the 24ct Gold Purity which is 100% almost well actually 999.9% gold and is more likely to be exposed to wear and tear.
Therefore, the 24ct gold product with less metal alloy will not be able to stand everyday wear and tear and it is better to buy ones that have metal alloy for keepsake.

Amount of yellow gold purity/Hallmarks.
9ct yellow gold which is 375% of 1000.=375%of gold in product.
14ct yellow gold which is 585% of 1000.=585% of gold in product.
18ct yellow gold which is 750% of 1000.=750% of gold in product
24ct yellow gold which is 999.9% of 1000.=999.9% of gold in product.
2) Hallmarks and identifying hallmarks/Assaying/ Date letter mark.
Hallmarks vary in different counties and there are plenty as so many countries have their own hallmarks I will indicate the UK hallmark here:(see chart)
Hallmarks showing initials for makers stamp and initial for year product had been made. Products will also have a stamp of quantity of gold in product…also modern products may also have company logo stamp. Brief guide to hallmarking: In 1973 The hallmarking Act UK…because of this Act it is law that all gold must have a hallmark. This is an independent test which will establish that the quantity of gold is genuine in product.

Assaying:A analyzing assessment of the composition which test purity of metals e.g alloy gold purity and content.

We have 4 Assay Offices in the UK which are Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Sheffield. The anchor is the one I have bought most commonly.
Assay Office Mark (Compulsory marks)Indicates the particular Assay Office at which the article was tested and marked. There are now four British Assay Offices: Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and SheffieldBirmingham Assay Office markEdinburgh Assay Office markLondon Assay Office markSheffield Assay Office mark
Birmingham =Anchor symbol, Edinburgh =Castle, London =Leopard, and Sheffield= Rose. These are the symbols you will find on your gold product indicating area made from.
Date letter mark:e.g-Date Letter, L-R: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. (these details about date marks are from research on google.you may also check out details this way).
e.g-The Date Letter – optional
Until 1999 the date letter was compulsory. This is no longer the case, but it can be applied voluntarily in addition to the compulsory marks. The date letter changes once a year on January 1st.
Q r s t u v w x y z
years: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Book support for you: it is always best to keep your own update this by researching through google or purchasing- Jackson’s reference book (silver gold marks of England, Scotland and Ireland by Ian Pickard ).This will be very good to keep you in line of date letter marks. Best to research as many as you wish it is supportive to the interest of finding more detail and learning more, if this is of your interest and also helpful if needing to identify a product research. Such an old book and you can buy c/o amazon paperback or hardback, very good reference book. Which is sold at very good price, paperback cheaper..or if you want you can also You tube it.
Details of assay office
The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office
Goldsmiths’ Hall Gutter Lane London
Tel: 0207606 8971 www.assay of London.co.UK
Edinburgh Assay Office
24 brought on Street
Tel: 0131 556 1144  www.edinburgh assay of Ce.co.UK
Assay Office Birmingham
1 More ton Street Birmingham
Tel: 0121 236 6951 www.the assay of Ce.co.UK
Sheffield Assay Office
Guardians’ Hall Belulah Road Hillsborough She end
S6 2AN
Tel: 0114 231 2121 www.assay of Ce.co.UK
Guaranteeing The Quality Of Precious Metals Since 1327.
  • Awesome/ Diamonds… I have included a short video to assist with learning about diamonds and although a child like video I found it helpful as the other videos are very lengthy. Will also include a short write up.(SEE BELOW)
    A diamond when mounted/set before certifying is called/considered ‘assessed’ not graded. Grading can only be accurate when the diamond is loose. Diamonds are graded using scale D to Z and graded by their whiteness, with no co lour under a 10x magnification..daylight lamps without microscopic.Z containing the most draw of co lour without it being fancy and the most common co lour, being yellow, Grey or brown. Anything above the is considered as White, absolute white” “pure white” and “brilliant white”Jewelers used to grade; A diamond will be compared to a ‘Master Set’ and these are the scales used to assess based on spectrum.(UNIVERSAL)GIA =Gemologist Institute America: S12 which is Globally respected and S13 not globally respected.Clarity:This is a description of how much natural inclusion are effecting on the stone e.g a diamond mined that has natural earth inclusive has less clarity.Six characteristics:Position, Co lour, Nature, Size, Number and Relief.Carat Weight of gemstone.
    Cut, Polish, Symmetry:This affects appearance and price and is assessed using standard Poor, Fair, Good, Very good, and Excellent.
    Cut:The quality and shape optimistic angles and percentages=different qualities and cut.
    ‘SARIN’-this is a machine which assess all angles through a 360 degrees video feed. Using specialist software and the cut grade is then assigned.
    Polish:The overall finish quality, amount of grain and residual polish lines or abrasion, and burn also affect the grade.
    Symmetry:Accurate facet edges that meet up, and how round and well shaped. Using a table which is cent re level.
    Also, ‘fluorescent’ affects the diamond by 30% chemical elements within the structure and ultra violet UV describing the reaction to daylight and rays.
    I have decided to conclude with a book recommendation.’ This is called A study of hallmarks’-which can be rewarding for anyone who wishes to learn more about hallmarks or useful for further reference….this is ‘Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks’ 1544-2020- published by ‘J. W NORTHEND LTD.’ Sheffield. It is a handy book and hope it gives further assistance.
    I have tried to explain as best I can detail and in the event of inaccuracy please refer to reference further for additional assistance .                                                        antheacharles220@gmail.com









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4 thoughts on “3 points when purchasing yellow gold jewellery”

  1. Kelly says:

    Mind blown. There’s is so much information here that I didn’t know. I can’t wear gold or anything metal myself but often buy jewellery as gifts. When buying gifts I never know if what I’m buying is good. Buying gold for my aunt is scary because she knows so much about gold and will not accept anything gold plated. This is a really useful tool for determining the quality of what you are buying, it makes all those little notes I always gloss over make sense. 

    1. anthea charles says:

      hello there Kelly so pleased my page helped you with the understanding around gold and the concept and reality that is also around when purchasing which as you’ve said can stem to gold plated or sometimes gold filled products.Thank you once again reading and giving me a lovely response it will help to build my confidence…in this long journey XX

  2. IntrovertedBarry says:

    Back again! I am shocked by how much information you packed into a single post. Who would have known there was so much to know or learn when buying gold. I think most of us just sort of go with the flow by buying whatever we see in the little glass box and hope it lasts. This wealth of information provides a guide that allows us to make better choices when looking for a certain gold jewelry piece. How long have you been doing this?

    1. anthea charles says:

      i have been doing this for too many years and think i have gone too casual as i don’t like to say expert and hope to be always learning thank you for your support in reading this page and pleased it had been informative ..

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